Chad LeBrun Promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Coach Chad LeBrun, who is the head coach and owner of The Lab in Fredericksburg Virginia, put on a great seminar at Leo Dalla’s Premier Fight Center. He covered self-defense applications for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and chokes. Coach Leo Dalla, who is a fifth degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) also took the time to recognize Chad’s contributions to the sport and lifestyle of BJJ by promoting him to second degree black belt. This is a significant achievement for Coach LeBrun. The second degree conveys the ability to promote black belts with out the oversight of a senior black belt. Congratulations Chad!

Coach Dalla said that he looks forward to having more of his black belts teach seminars that will be open to members of the Big Brothers Competition Team in the near future.

chad seminar group

chad and dalla